Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands. Famous all over the world for the canals, the way of easy living and all the nice spots (and the red lights and coffeeshops that don’t know how to brew a decent cup and and …)

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During their stay tourists from the USA and Asia visit several places. For them we made CityChocs Holland with pictures of the most famous Dutch spots.    

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It started with the Romans who built a bridge here to cross the river. Mosa Trajectum became Maastricht, capital of Limburg, more French as it is Dutch. Built on and surrounded by hills, filled with restaurants, café’s and terraces.

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Province of Limburg


Limburg is the name of both a Dutch and a Belgian province. We’re talking about the Dutch one. It starts where the rest of the country stops and goes way South pointing in the European direction. Maastricht is the capital. Once you’ve got a taste of it you know that you are no longer in […]

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